Kent State University
Assessment of Student Academic Achievement Plan
Sample Academic Department Plan
Department of Classical Studies

The Department of Classical Studies will implement the following Outcomes Assessment measure beginning in the Spring 1993 semester.

1. SENIOR EXAMINATION: All majors in Latin and Classical Humanities will take a departmental language examination in the semester in which they apply for graduation. The examination will cover Latin and/or Greek authors whom the students will have covered in their required courses. It will cover also aspects of classical culture.

2. STUDENT PORTFOLIO: Students in Latin and Greek courses will take a sight-translation examination in every language course offered from the elementary through the advanced levels. These examinations, to be administered near the end of each course, will be collected in a portfolio for each student. Term papers and final examinations of departmental course will be added to the portfolio. As majors progress in their program, the portfolio will provide a foundation from which to measure achievement on the senior examination. Since some students enter our programs with high-school preparation and others begin with no pre-college study of Latin or classics, the portfolio will enable us to evaluate the progress of each student individually.

3. ALUMNI QUESTIONNAIRE: The department will send a questionnaire to all departmental alumni since 1983. The questionnaire will cover such areas as: placement in employment directly or indirectly related to major; success in entering and completing graduate programs in classics and related areas (both MA and Ph.D. levels); alumni assessment of quality of their preparation for professional and personal aspects of their life.


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