What is UB Prep?


The Upward Bound PREP Academy is a pre-college designed to assist and support qualifying High School students in their goal of completing a college education. The PREP Academy's primary focus is to support and assist the student with the information and skills necessary to be successdul in high school and college. The Academy seeks to prepare its students for emerging challenges of a global society with technological advances that are fast paced and ever changing. Kent State University has a reputation of leadership in the area of technology and the campus, with all of its resources, will be at your disporsal.


Academic Year Component

During the regular year, Academy students receive supportive services through bi-weekly turtoring sessions held on-site at the target area high schools. Additionally, the students will attend monthly "Students Achieving Tomorrow" sessions held at the Kent Campus. These sessions help to enlighten the student to college expectations and focus them on consistent, solid, study skills that they will carry with them.

Sunmmer Component

For six (6) weeks, in June and July, all Academy students are invited to reside on the campus of Kent State University. They will participate in an intensive academic curriculum of math, science, foreign language, English and computer technology. To help our students remain well rounded in their development, the Academy offers human relation couseling as well as fun activities and field trips. They will also have the opportunity to utilize a vaierty of the cultural and recreational facilites on the campus.

Who can participate in the Academy?

Fifty (50) students who:

(1) Live in Ohio, specially Trumball, Portage, Lorain, and Summit counties.

(2) are in 9th through 12th grades

(3) have a 2.5 G.P.A

(4) meet federal income and/or first generation college criteria (neither parent has earned a Bachelors degree).

What is the cost of the program?

There is NO COST to the students or the student's family for all the services provided through the academic year or the six-week summer component. Transportation to and from the program, housing, , meals, classes, course materials, and field trips are absolutely FREE.

What are the benefits of this program?

The PREP Academy student will develop and grow i the skills necessary to succeed in high school and use them as their foundation in college. Academy students come from diverse populations in culture and geographic location and they will be in a learning environment that is reflective of their world. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to take advantage of many recreational resources at Kent State University.

Summer Bridge Component

Five (5) high school seniors are chosen to participate in PREP Bridge Summer Residential Component. These seniors will be enrolled in Summer Session 2 at Kent State University.They will complete 2 courses, equaling 6 college credit hours, while residing on campus. The Teen parent will reside in their own apartment, with their child. This tuitio, course materials, housing, meals and transportation costs equate to approximately a $4,000.00 scholarship. This is completely FREE to the student. They will be able to begin their Fall semecter (at the college or university of their choice) 6 credit hours ahead of other incoming freshmen.

Supporting Partners

The department of Education in Washington, D.C., the Ohio Department of Human Services and Kent State University collaborate to support this Upward Bound Program.

Kent State University is proud to introduce the TEEN PARENT COMPONENT of PREP Academy. This cutting edge endeavor to service one of the most overlooked populations in higher education is typical for Kent State University, This project seeks out and targets young parents who have demonstrated their ability to succeed and now need the direction and support it takes to manifest their dream. Special programming in the areas of child care, realtionships, empowerment, housing, finncial assistance, personal/academic, couseling and more tailored to the special needs of the young parent. They participate with the other counseling and more are tailored to the special needs of the young parent. They participate with the other Academy studentsduring the academic year and the summer program witb addition of workshops to address their specific concerns and needs.

The very unique characteristic of the PREP Academy component is that the student will bring his/her child with them for the six-week summer residential stay. Two underclassmen (9th-11th grade) share a 2-bedroom apartment, on campus, while attending their academic class and PREP programming. This feature gives the young parent a realistic experience of college life in dual role as a parent and a student with all the support and backing of the Upward Bound Staff. The Upward Bound PREP Academy, in partnership with the Ohio department of Jobs and Family Services, assists the students with childcare finncing.


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